100 Year Old Vegan Heart Surgeon Retired At 95 – Vegan For 50 Years

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, now 100 years old, retired at age 95 as a heart surgeon.

Dr. Wareham has been a vegan for half of his life (5o years).

“Veganism is a very fine form of nutrition. It’s a little extreme to tell a person who is using flesh foods that you’re going to take everything entirely away from them. When I was in practice in medicine, I would tell the patients that the vegetable based diet was the healthy way to go, and to keep away from the animal products as much as possible. People are very sensitive about what they eat. You can talk to people about exercising  relaxation, good mental attitude and they will accept that. But you talk to them about what they are eating and people are very sensitive about that. If an individual is willing to listen, I will try to explain to them on a scientific basis of how I think it’s better for them.” – Dr. Ellsworth Wareham

Below is a video clip of  his interview at age 98 talking about his Vegan lifestyle

Why Vegetarian And Vegan Diets Are Becoming More Popular?

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