How to Grow Wheat Grass And Juice It

Here is a great manual on how to grow wheat grass and juice it properly:

Wheat grass is the young green shoots of the wheat plant. Like sprouts, this young growth creates a most nutrient-dense source of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. What’s more is that wheat grass can be grown and juiced in the home kitchen.

Growing wheat grass at home can be done in large or small quantities, depending on the number of servings desired and whether or not you wish to make larger batches and store shots of wheat grass in the refrigerator or freezer.

Growing Wheat Grass

Growing wheatgrass requires glyphosate-tested sprouting seeds, growing trays, and a growing medium such as soil or compost. Once the supplies have been gathered, the process of growing the wheat grass can begin.

1. Soak the Seeds

The first part of growing wheat grass involves initiating germination by soaking the seed. To begin, determine the size of your growing tray and how much seed is to be grown. A growing tray of 1‘ x 1’ will require 1 – 1.5 cups of wheat seed.

To begin:

– Place the seeds in a strainer and rinse them well.
– Transfer the seeds to a large bowl and cover with 5-6 cups of water.
– Allow the seeds to soak for 12 hours.
– Return the seeds to the strainer and rinse.
– Return the seeds to the bowl and repeat the soaking and rinsing process for a total of three times or until the seeds begin showing tiny sprouts.

2. Grow the Grass

The wheat grains can now be transferred to a growing tray with soil to encourage grass growth. To grow wheat grass:

– Place a paper towel or a clean cloth in the bottom of the growing tray in order to provide the roots something to hold onto.
– Fill the tray with two inches of soil or compost that has been moistened.
– Sprinkle the seeds over the soil evenly. Gently press them in but do not completely bury them.
– Gently water the soil and seeds using either a watering can or a spray bottle. Cover the seeds with a damp, light towel.
– Gently water the seeds at 12 hour intervals to ensure that they do not dry out. After 3-5 days grass growth should begin to be visible.
– Remove the towel to allow indirect sunlight to hit the grass. Going forward, the grass should need only one watering per day.
– After a total of approximately 10 days the grass will begin to “split” or grow a second blade. At this point it will be approximately 4-6 inches tall and is ready for harvesting.

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