7 Health Benefits of Laughing Out Loud

Laughter is infectious, not only does a good laugh makes you happy but it also brings you closer to optimal health. When you watch a comedy show, hear a joke or enjoy recounting a funny story with friends and family, you’re depositing good karma into your health bank.
The sound of roaring laughter can induce an immediate good feeling that reduces stress and anxiety.In fact, of all the different types of human behaviors, laughter seems to be the most innate in nature. We are all born to seek happiness. When you are laughing out loud, you emanate the vibration of happiness, which sends a signal of well being to your body and to the people around you.

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Laughter is a great medicine. It provides physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits, and distracts you from negative thinking. So what are the specific health benefits of laughter’s?

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